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How much is a DJ for my event?
A perfectly reasonable question, but it is a lot like walking into a hotel and asking how much a room is.

We would ask many of the same questions the hotel might ask: How many people in your party? Would you like a basic room, junior suite or luxury suite? How long will you be staying? A party for 200 requires a different sound system than a party of 30. We have different ‘menu items’ to offer and customize each event to your requirements. All of our base packages include up to 4 hours, and we offer a discount for extended hours. Tell us about your event and we will be happy to email you a written quote.

How will my DJ be dressed??

We dress any way you designate.

If you prefer a tux, business casual or ‘dress-up’ for a themed event we are happy to do it. I have done events (by request) in top hat and tails so don’t be afraid to ask for anything. Our default is business casual.

How long does it take to setup?

We usually arrive between 1.5 and 2 hours prior to the event for setup.

It takes approximately 45 minutes for a standard setup, and up to 4 hours for very large setups. In all cases we allow extra time.

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely! We have an outstanding insurance policy.

Our insurance covers both you and your guests, and the venue we play at. Our two million dollar policy is universally accepted by all major hotels and venues. You receive a copy to give your venue with our written quote.

Do you offer any discounts?
We offer a 5% active duty military discount on all DJ packages.

Active duty military receive 5% off any DJ package. We do not offer discounts on rentals, or discounts on holidays and premium days like Saturday. If your event is on a weekday (Monday through Thursday) we can offer a midweek discount to everyone based on the event. We also offer limited time specials through our social media outlets. Please give us a like on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You can also subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of each page to get notified when we start a promotion.

Why are weddings more expensive than other packages?

Weddings are once in a lifetime events.

Weddings are a cherished ritual that represent a lifetime of hopes and dreams. That is a lot of pressure and takes a special kind of training, experience and skill to master. You get one chance to do a wedding right. Preparation, attention to detail, timelines and schedules, and vendor coordination are more demanding for a wedding than any other kind of event. The price represents not only the extra work, but years of acquiring the experience and skill necessary to master a wedding.

My wedding is more like a party. Can I book a regular DJ?

We understand people want to save money.

We understand casual weddings. This is Southern California, we do many casual weddings. Although these events may be more ‘laid back’ and some formalities may be skipped over, it is still, after all, a wedding and even the casual weddings demand extra preparation and skill. We do not assign any DJ that is inexperienced with weddings to any wedding. Even casual ones.

How do your wedding DJs get experience?

Training, and lots of it.

Wedding DJs start out as assistants, helping experienced wedding DJs with their events. They are coached and advised, then allowed to make small contributions like making announcements and selecting music under the supervision of the experienced DJ. When they get that right, they are sent out as the primary DJ, but still under the supervision of an experienced wedding DJ who participates in a more advisory capacity. When the DJ passes all checkpoints under the critical eye of their mentor, they are allowed to perform at weddings on their own and begin to accumulate the years of experience required to be a mentor to others. All of us attend formal wedding training at conventions and by participating in online seminars. Weddings are a very serious business with all vendors, so we work hard at getting great at it.

What kind of music do you have?

We have over 40,000 songs in our collection that we bring.

We have music covering every genre from Hip-Hop, Country and Pop, to Classic Rock, Golden Oldies and everything in between. Our primary focus is on songs that have appeared at least once on the Billboard charts. If you have a request for a song that isn’t necessarily mainstream please request it in advance and we will do our best to buy it at our own expense (this is one reason our library is so large). If there is cell phone data coverage at your location we can access the internet on the spot and buy it from one of our subscription websites.

Did you really buy all those songs or just download it?

We really bought all those songs. We have storage bins full of CDs purchased over the years.
We own thousands of CDs purchased over a 15+ year period, and even some vinyl that we transferred to computer. We also buy legal downloads from legitimate websites like Amazon, iTunes and Promo Only. We have transferred this music, in premium quality, to computer. We do not purchase illegal music or download from illegal websites. Thank you for asking this question. We wish more people would. After spending around $1 per song in our library, it is disheartening when someone hires that 18 year old kid on Craigslist advertising $100 parties and 100,000 songs. You know he didn’t spend $100,000 on music.

Do you have a songbook?

Our library is available online!

You can search by artist or title, make and print lists, or just browse. If you can’t find your favorite song, just request it for your event and we will do our best to locate and purchase it.  You will receive a link to our songbook with your written quote. Our karaoke songbook is available at iParty.us and of course we bring printed karaoke songbooks when karaoke is ordered for your event.

I forgot my password. Can you send it to me?


Just use the contact us link on the menu above and we will get it to you asap.

Where is the link to your Guest Request system?

We send it to you with our written quote.

If you would like your guests to be able to make advanced song requests we can send you a link to our song library just for them! – They will need your event date and guest password sent to you with your written quote. If you did not receive a guest password, please let us know and we will set it up for you.

I booked someone else. Why can't I login to my planner?

Our event planner is for our clients’ use.

We provide you with early access as an incentive to book with us. Once the 14 day quote period has expired and you have not booked with us your access may be removed. If you have important scheduling or timeline lists in our system, we are happy to reinstate your access for an extra day to print them out. We certainly don’t want to spoil your day 🙂 We’re not meanies. Just use the ‘contact us’ link located in the menu above.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand things come up.

Sometimes plans change. It happens. The only issue is that dates are consumable items. There is only one June 18th 2016. Once it has passed, it is gone forever. When you book with us, we essentially take that item off the shelf so no one else can buy it, and you are guaranteed a DJ for that date. When you cancel, we may not be able to rebook the date. If we can, you are only responsible for the $100 cancellation fee which represents our preparations for your booked event to date, and efforts to rebook the date you cancelled. If we can’t rebook, it is usual and customary in the event industry that you are responsible for the lost income we could have made on the date you reserved. Nearly every caterer, venue, florist, photographer and other event professionals have an identical policy.

If there is a special circumstance where you think you might need to cancel, we can provide you with cancellation insurance. The cost is 10% of your written quote sent on our letterhead, and completely absolves you of all outstanding fees and payment responsibilities to San Diego DJ related to a cancelled booking. This is a separate payment and is not applied to the amount due for your event. Any event payments, not counting the insurance payment, will be returned to you if you have to cancel. The cancellation fee is also waived. Cancellation insurance can only be purchased at the time of booking.

Do you bring backup equipment in case something breaks down?

Absolutely Yes!

Nothing is more horrifying to a DJ than equipment failure. San Diego DJ invests in top-of-the-line, commercial grade equipment to help reduce the chance of failure. Even so, we bring extra equipment and parts to make sure we can keep the music flowing with as little downtime as possible. Extra speakers, extra amplifier, extra microphones, even an extra laptop are at your event, ready if needed.

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Please feel free to call or email anytime. If you have questions, comments or suggestions use the contact form, call, email just get us the message and we will respond. Our goal with this website is to provide you with as much information as we can, in an easy to use format. If there is a feature you would like to see just let us know and we will make it happen. Thanks again for your visit to SanDiegoKaraoke.com


Make sure you ask the right questions when looking for a DJ. Anyone can throw up a website and call themselves a DJ, but few are professional DJs. Here is a quick checklist.

  • Can I have a copy of your insurance?
  • Do you have a business license as a professional DJ?
  • Is your music legal?
  • Do you have the clean, radio edit versions?
  • Are you a member of a professional DJ association?
  • Do you have a backup DJ in case you get injured or sick?
  • Do you bring backup equipment in case something breaks?

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